Casting and catching


Sea Trout

Fishing in the Falklands is fishing at its best- great views, quiet and solitude, clean water and lots of fish.  What we lack in variety or size we certainly make up for in quality of experience.  

Our river, Sand Pond Stream has long been a favourite fishing spot for friends, family and local fishermen.  It offers delightful trout fishing in a scenic and tranquil location.   "Sue's Hole" is a popular deep pool that offers some exciting fishing.  One of our friends was delighted last season when he caught his biggest fish-an eight and a half pounder. 

We offer full day and half day tours to Sand Pond Stream.  We also offer tours to the Chartres River, which is another great trout river and a very scenic spot.  This river runs alongside the Patricia Luxton Nature Reserve so a lovely day can be had combining a spot of fishing with some walking and exploring.

The trout season runs from 1st September to 30th April.


Mullet are prolific in the creeks, streams and bays around Fox Bay and can be fished all year round.  Baited lines work best for mullet fishing.  We can arrange tours which combine mullet fishing with trout fishing to suit your needs. 

Extended fishing tours

We are happy to provide tours to other excellent fishing locations on the West including including Port Howard (Warrah River), Hill Cove (the Sound) and Rincon Ridge (Malo River), please contact us if you would like to discuss.