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Fox Bay East and local area

Fox Bay East is a small farming settlement in the centre of West Falkland.  The cottage is conveniently located for exploring the settlement and local area on foot but also a great base for exploring more of West Falkland.  Please call any farms that you are considering visiting in advance of travel to ask permission to visit. 

Despite its tiny population of only 11, Fox Bay East has a convenience store, a village hall/ pub (open on a Saturday night and 2 hours on a Sunday) and the only other working post office in the Falklands.

Fox Bay East and the surrounding area has lots to offer.  These are just some of the things we think visitors might be interested in.


Please see our "walks" page which lists suggestions of walks on Coast Ridge Farm, walks around Fox Bay and walks recommended within the local area.

Fox Bay Post Office Museum

Located in Fox Bay East, this is a tiny private museum established by Stefan Heittz.  The Museum primarily tells the history of the Post Office at Fox Bay and is housed in the original Post Office property.   The Museum consists of displays and artifacts including old covers; examples of historic Fox Bay postmarks as well as posters which provide historical information little anecdotes from that time.

Old Woolen Mill

Having lain abandoned for some thirty years, the old mill building and equipment is now completely derelict.  That said, the old equipment rouses the imagination- it looks like workers downed tools unexpecetedly one day and left and never returned.   It offers fantastically atmospheric photographic opportunities such as the rusting antiquated mill equipment, wool bobbins stacked in a corner, spare parts hanging ready but destined never to be used and strands of wool caught on the ancient machinery.


For those with an interest in marine life or those visitors with kids, we recommend exploring the seashore below the cottage, just in front of the large green grass area. There is an abundance of marine life from mussels and limpets to eels and fish, star fish, sea urchins, crabs, jumping jacks and sea anemones. It is quite astonishing how much there is to see in such a small area of shore.

Hawks Nest Pond

This Nature Reserve is owned and managed by Falklands Conservation, the Falkland's main environmental body. A beautiful wetland area, it is home to many wading birds and offers a pleasant walk over easy ground.

The nature reserve can be found 10- 15 minutes by car, north of Fox Bay. A small sign on a low post, on the right hand side indicates where to turn off.

Patricia Luxton Nature Reserve

Head north toward Port Howard. The Millennium Campsite which forms a small part of the Reserve,  is located off the road on the right hand side, about 5 minutes after the large steel bridge at Little Chartres. This is not a formal campsite, rather, it is just a lovely little spot beside a river. It is also the location of a large community barbeque that takes place at Christmas. Use the pole situated there to knock your opponent off their seat. Take a walk along the river bank or explore the walks around the large Patricia Luxton Nature Reserve. Camping is allowed. For more information, call Bill Luxton at Chartres Farm on 42296.

Southern Cross Social Club

Fox Bay's only pub is operated by the local community on a voluntary basis.  It is open on Saturdays for a couple of hours from 5.30pm. 

Children are welcome at all times.  There's a selection of toys at the club and a large hall for kids to play in.