Award winning wool

Coast Ridge Farm

Coast Ridge Farm is a 12,500 hectare sheep and cattle farm on West Falkland running 3,800 fine wool sheep and 120 head of cattle.

Our sheep flock is predominately Polwarth and has an average weighted fibre diameter across the flock of 22.5 micron. 

We have two main shearing periods each year.  Dry sheep are shorn in October and our ewes in February.  Guests are welcome to visit our shed at anytime, during shearing time it offers a rare opportunity to step into world of sheep shearing - it's fast paced, it's noisy, its very structured and it's incredibly hard work. 

Outside of the shearing season, Keith does tours of the shed in his Farming Coast Ridge tour where guests are invited to feel different types of wool, the preparation of the wool clip ready for sale is explained, the journey of the wool from shed to buyers and most importantly how our buyers can be sure what they are getting in our product...they want clean, white, fine wool which has the same characteristics across the whole fleece. .

Our livestock shares the farm with an abundance of wildlife including Gentoo, Magallenic and Rockhopper penguins.  We welcome our guests to explore as they wish- all travel on the farm needs to be undertaken by 4 x 4 or on foot.  The walking and hiking offers an unrivalled sense of freedom and adventure, with the nearest people miles and miles away.  We offer a range of tours for guests as well as drop off and collection services for those wishing to explore the far reaches of the farm on foot.

Coast Ridge Farm virtually adjoins Fox Bay settlement.  Coast Ridge Cottage and Keith and Nuala's home are both located in Fox Bay settlement.

Acres of unspoiled nature

The Farm extends to 32,000 acres with the majority being natural, indigenous vegetation.  We are lucky to have some rare habitats and some extremely rare plants.   Some of our land hasn't been grazed in over 30 years.

Diverse wildlife within reach

Coast Ridge Farm is home to the second largest Rockhopper penguin colony on West Falkland as well as many other penguin and bird species.

Family business

Coast Ridge Farm and Cottage are run by Keith Knight alongside his wife Nuala and their three young children.  Keith purchased the farm from his parents in 2013 having managed it for 11 years. 

Miles and miles of hiking trails

We have several different walking routes around the farm some short, some a few hours and some all day routes.  Drink in the view from the top of Coast Ridge mountain, follow Sand Pond Stream as it meanders out to sea, look out for dolphins at Annie Brooks Bay or hike out to Carcass Bay - a fabulous long white sandy beach with Gentoo, Magellanic and Rockhopper penguin colonies as well as an abundance of waterfowl.

Award winning livestock and wool

During the Christmas/ New Year break, our shearing shed is also the venue for the West Falkland Ram & Fleece show. This annual event is organised and hosted by the Knight family and we are very proud that 2020 will be the 34th show. Coast Ridge has been lucky enough to win prizes for sheep and wool consistently over the years, despite tough competition from some of the best wool growers in the Falklands.

Coast Ridge Farm