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We offer a tours of the farm and the local area.   If there is something in particular that you would like to do or see just ask.   

Tours of Coast Ridge Farm are off road and can be taken with us in our 4 x 4 or guests can take their own vehicle in convoy with us depending on their preference.  Please don't be concerned if you don't have much off road experience as we offer guidance where and when required. 

The tours we offer are listed below.  These tours are predominately exclusive i.e. we never take more than one group so you'll have us and the location, to yourselves.  As well as taking visitors to some beautiful places, they give visitors a chance to learn about our stock, the farm and local plant and bird species. They're based around our favourite spots on the farm, our life here in Fox Bay and our experience running a ranch style farm in the Falklands.

Carcass Bay

This is a stunning white sandy beach with Gentoo and Magellanic penguin colonies.  The second largest Rockhopper colony on West Falkland is a 45 minute walk along the Ridge, it can only be accessed on foot.

An off road driving adventure taking guests through Coast Ridge Farm, up over the mountainous Coast Ridge (stopping to take in the breath taking views), through the green valleys of Carcass Bay to the extensive white sandy beach and turquoise sea of Carcass Bay itself. Whilst we set up the barbeque/picnic lunch guests can take a stroll to the nearby Gentoo and Magellanic penguin colonies. The fabulous cooking smells of the BBQ soon draws guests back to the picnic site nestled amongst the sand dunes. After a BBQ lunch guests get the chance to relax on the beach, enjoys the fabulous views and/or take the 45 minute walk to visit the large Rockhopper colony nestled on the side of the Ridge. 

It takes around two hours to reach Carcass Bay with a stop on top of the Ridge and a wee stop at the shepherd's hut.  It is a lovely drive across the farm and over the  Ridge.  We don't recommend that guests drive here unaccompanied as the track is boggy is places and a second vehicle is often required to pull a bogged vehicle out.

Farming Coast Ridge Farm

A fascinating introduction to farming our 12,500 hectare farm, its 3,500 sheep and 120 cattle.

The tour starts in the farm's shearing shed in the settlement. Here guests are given a quick run-down on how sheep are brought in from the surrounding paddocks to be shorn, how and why they are shorn and how farmers try to maximise the value of the wool they produce. The tour also covers some of the detail of our farming style- how to select stock, how we source new genetics, how we strive to continually improve the value of wool.  

Guests are surprised to learn the many factors that make farming in the Falklands unique such as managing vast landscapes, large stock numbers and challenging environmental conditions.

Boat trips

Take a short boat trip around Fox Bay harbour.

Trips on the Chevron are by prior arrangement with owners and operators Mike and Donna Evans from Spring Point. Guests are collected at the Fox Bay Jetty and treated to a trip out around the bay. Dolphins are often seen with whales, albatross and penguins sometimes spotted too. Whales sightings are seasonal, with sightings after January much more frequent. Dolphins are seen throughout the year. 

Let us know if you would like us to book this tour through the operators for you.

Sand Pond Stream

This is our trout river.  It is a picturesque spot with a lovely walking track which takes you to where the river meets the sea.  At low tide, the river has lots of sandy bars and ankle deep water for paddling and reviving tired feet.

As we leave Fox Bay heading overland to the river, we pass many of the mine fields surrounding the settlement. The terrain changes from white grass flats to the sand of the lovely but, inaccessible Annie Brooks Bay, named after the ship wrecked schooner which sank there. We skirt around Bottomless Pond, one of the deepest ponds in the local area up and over the "Moon" area then down the steep sides of the riverbank to arrive at "Sue's Hole"- a beautiful fishing pool with plenty of flat ground for setting up the barbeque. 

Enjoy some fishing, walk along the riverbank towards the sea or explore the rare plants  in the shallow valley as we cook a barbeque amongst the thick fascine habitat.

Fox Bay Settlement Tour

An enlightening and enjoyable short tour which aims to give visitors a sense of what life is like living and working in a remote settlement.

The tour passes the main settlement amenities such as our store, post office, our tiny power station, our village hall, the jetty and the transit shed- used for storing our wool before it is onward shipped to market; storing large items awaiting collection by outlying farms; the drop off point for the 6 weekly shipment of goods and such like. Guests love learning about the simple things- how we get our mail, how our kids are educated, how often we go to town, how we make our income and what we do if there is an emergency in the absence of emergency services on the West. This tour gives an insight into our lives, our business and our community.

East Head

The East Head is the prominent mountain at the end of the Coast Ridge flanking the east side of the bay of water which gives Fox Bay its name.

This off road tour heads overland past Bottomless Pond to the top of the river where it is still but a stream. We cross the river and then head to the coast, passing the site of Sue Binnie's old house, with some of the terrifically nostalgic out buildings still intact and the old gardens only just visible. From here, we head straight to the foot of the East Head and begin our ascent. The East Head is a confluence where latitude and longitude meet at 52┬░South and 60┬░West. From here we head north along the Ridge to our Rockhopper colony. Settle down to watch and observe these inquisitive penguins whilst admiring the breath-taking views across the Falkland Sound all the way to East Falkland.