All the salt spray and fresh air you could hope for


Coast Ridge Farm has great scenic walks.  There are also lots of short walks around Fox Bay settlement which have lots to offer.  Some of our favourites are listed below.

Some areas have mobile reception but we recommend that walkers always let us know where they are headed and when they expect to return.

If you don't think you have the time or don't think you would manage the entire walk then you could either consider a drop off by us. Just ask if you are unsure.

East Head

Take a walk to the prominent East Head, the mountain which flanks the east side of the Fox Bay's bay.  Start at the little bridge over Sand Pond Stream and walk up to the Gap, then up onto the Ridge.  You'll pass our largest large Rockhopper colony about half way between the Gap an the East Head.  The view from the East Head is stunning as you look north along the spine of the Ridge.  Stop to look at the old site of Sue's house, with some of the old outhouses and old gardens still intact. The East head is the site of a confluence.

Details: 6 hours from the bridge. 

Carcass Bay

Walk across the farm heading for the Gap in the Ridge, head through the Gap then along the east side of the Ridge, past the Rockhoppers and down to Carcass Bay.  This is a stunning walk and probably the most popular. Once there, you can explore the long white sandy beach and visit the Gentoo and Magellenic penguins.

Details: A long walk requiring a good level of fitness.  6 or 7 hours return trip.

Sand Pond Stream

Visit our trout river and try your hand at fishing. Or, follow the river, walking along its banks as it meanders out to sea. If you are lucky you might spot the resident black neck swans. Alternatively, search for the rare plants or relish the opportunity to eat lunch in one of the Falklands rarer habitats, the abundant fascine.  

Details: 2 hours from the settlement. 30 mins from Bottomless Pond (drop off).

Annie Brooks Bay

Talk a walk to the site of the shipwrecked schooner the Annie Brooks. The Bay itself is mined so there is no access onto the beach. It is a pretty spot and dolphins can often be seen swimming in the small Bay.

Details: 2 hours from the settlement . Easy walking, clear track.

Gentoo Colony in the Horse Park

Drive up the cattle lead to the galvanised gate facing you (-please leave the gate as you find it).

Turn immediately right away from the main track and follow the mine field fence until it ends.  Walk around the coast to find a colony of Gentoo penguins. This is Fox Bays closest penguin colony and is visited by guests as far afield as Port Howard.

Details: 3 hours

Fossil quarry

Head out of Fox Bay and turn into the first quarry on your left you reach at the head of the creek. The quarry is on left hand side of the road. There is a small layby which enables access off the road. To find fossils, you will need to search on, under and sometimes within the rocks- small and large. The fossils are about the size of a finger nail. There is a plethora of fossils but sometimes it takes a while to find one.  We request that you leave fossils behind.

If you like mint why not search the ditch for wild mint to make mint tea, mojitos or simply to take home. Stood in a glass of water, the mint will last a few days.

Details: 15 minute walk along the road.  Easy walking.

Weasles' Bay

Weasels' Bay is a small camp on the right hand side of the cattle lead.  It offers a simple coastal walk with rocky shores and rockpools as well as great views over Quarry Point and back to the settlement.  Turn into the cattle lead just after the corral at our shearing shed.  The gate is a traditional wire gate which you can either climb over or undo.  Please make sure you leave the gate as you find it.  

The fence is electric but the gateway is not.  Only the top two wires are electrified.  A good rule of thumb if you are unsure is to climb through the bottom two wires of a fence.

Details:  10 minutes to reach the gate into Camp and 45 minutes to walk around shoreline

Quarry Point Memorial

Head up past the jetty, past the fuel station onto the Point. Visit the Liberation Memorial at the top of the hill. Visit the quarry where Falkland Islanders get "Fox Bay stone". This is a short walk but offers good views of the East and West heads (the two mountains flanking the large body of water which forms Fox Bay's bay). The views of the sea are lovely.

Details: Very easy walk. 15 minutes to reach the point.  30 minutes round the point. Easily done with kids. There are unfenced (smallish) cliffs at the head of the point.